Amazing listing promotions nearby. Find out how to get discovered!

FlyTrap is a robust, all-in-one marketing platform that assists with the engagement of users nearby. You can provide your customers with what they are looking for fast and easy by providing listings based on the products and services they care about. Not only that, but FlyTrap can provide key insight about products, businesses, trades and other points of interest concerning your audiences.  Whether you provide services, operate a retail store, or simply looking to advertise your brand, FlyTrap is the right location based advertisement solution for you. 

Here is how it works:

  • Get Listed - Fly Trap puts your business directly in front of local consumers to strategically communicate, market and increase your brand locally and in real time.
  • Get Found - Get showcased to customers who are in your specific neighborhoods along with custom-tailored product and service suggestions based on your business.
  • Get Connected - FlyTrap is an easy, simple to use app that provides ways to discover & interact with rich media from products & services directly from your local business


Broadcast your Brand

Use SEO and social tools to broadcast info about you and your story.

Establish Awareness

Show images, videos and voice recording to all who want to see more about what you do.

Deliver Content

Create articles & posts to get information out to the viewers.

Location Alerts

Make it possible for audiences to discover nearby places without searching.

Bookmark Favorites

Help people stay connected to the places they care about & check in.

Share Discovered Places

Viewers can share new and favorites places with friends & family.

Access Discounts & Promotions

Receive premium offerings from vendors while providing call to actions.


Share your voice to the world easily with simple management of sound bytes.

Roku Channels

Utilize the smart video syndication features to feed your Roku channel.